Golden Bird Image

Golden Bird Song Album
Live Performance, July 18, 2015

Songs and Instrumental Passages

  1. Overature--instrumental
  2. Find Golden Bird--ensemble
  3. Spirit of Golden Bird--underscoring dialogue
  4. Yes I Can!--Kaj with Alf, Tor, Bjorg
  5. Hunger's a Beast--Country Folk
  6. Doomed a Wretched Critter--Vicki with Folk
  7. I Cannot Say--Kaj, Tor & Bjorg, Vicki
  8. A Dame Divine--Kaj with Folk
  9. Love Stay Away--Vicki
  10. Tip the Horn--Tor, Bjorg, Kaj with Folk
  11. Fly into Candela's Flame--Candela, Kaj with Folk
  12. Run Away from Mr. Troll--Folk
  13. Doggerel #1--Folk
  14. Joy of Cooking a Prince--Kitchen Troll with Kaj, Vicki
  15. Tango You Strong--Candela with Folk
  16. Rules Are for Fools--Tor, Bjorg
  17. Baseball Jitterbug--Baseball Troll, Folk
  18. Golden Bird's Capture (ballet)--Golden Bird, Krig, Byliepest
  19. Fly into Candela's Flame reprise--Candela, Bjorg, Tor
  20. Missing Maiden Blues--Blues Troll
  21. Love Come My Way--Kaj
  22. Worlds Apart--Kaj, Vicki
  23. Doggerel #2--Folk
  24. I Cannot Say reprise--Kaj, Vicki
  25. Golden Bird's Frenzy--instrumental
  26. Golden Bird March--instrumental