Larry R. Yates, Librettist/Lyricist/Producer

Larry’s theatrical adventures started at the age of 10. As as an apprentice busboy he stood in the back of the Crystal Ballroom of the Hotel Boise and watched community actors transform it into Stalag 17. It was not until Mrs. Claire Bracken’s high school course that he learned to write plays. Another adventure consumed him as he founded a scuba diving team and recovered drowned persons and stolen property, and found a hole in an old dam. In 1958 he entered U. S. Marine Corps with its unique adventures especially through the Cuban Missile Crisis. Finally discharged in 1963 Larry enrolled at the University of Tennessee and soon joined civil rights protests with nights in jail and days in class. He studied theatre literature and philosophy, and acting. His George in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe earned him an A. Off-campus theatre he was a singing sailor in South Pacific, street musician in Mad Woman of Chaillot, and country doctor in The Miracle Worker. He wrote a master’s thesis on W. H. Auden’s 1940 radio play, The Dark Valley, and left Knoxville.

In 1967 Larry entered New York University’s doctoral program in educational psychology. Going to school full-time and working as Panasonic’s public relations manager kept him busy, but went to plays often, His artistic endeavors were mostly photographic but after retirement from Teachers College, Columbia University, in 2001, he wrote plays and joined a theatre co-op, Polaris North. Many of his plays have been staged there and theaters in and out of New York. At ESEA Primary Stages Larry wrote lyrics for Adam Gwon and librettos for Kait Kerrigan. It was there his first musical, Find the Golden Bird, was hatched and nurtured. Joining his team are talented and dedicated artists and performers. Together they have launched another grand adventure.