Emily Rose Simons, Composer

Emily Rose Simons is a London-born/ New York based composer, singer- songwriter and comedian. She is currently a student on the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at Tisch, NYU. In 2014, Emily’s first musical, Confessions of a Rabbi’s Daughter, toured internationally, enjoyed sold out performances in London and was invited to return to the Edinburgh Fringe by the executives of Freestival (a free festival within the Fringe). Her work was also featured on a BBC Radio pilot called, Speech Bubble and she was accepted onto the highly competitive BBC Writers' Room. This year, Emily has already made her choral arranging debut at the prestigious Cadogan Hall, London performed by the Pink Singers (despite her physical presence residing in New York) and in March excerpts from her first songcycle, Grace, will be premiered at Manhattan School of Music. Emily is proud to be part of the creative team for Golden Bird and looks forward to seeing it spread it’s wings.

Emily Rose has a special place in her heart for Fringe Festivals. She went to the University of Bristol for their reputation at the Edinburgh Fringe, which had been a early teenage dream for her. Eventually, in 2012, she brought her first show, My Little Songbook, to the Edinburgh Fringe. To say the experience was transformative, is an understatement. Upon her return, she immediately began performing stand-up and working on her first musical, Confessions of a Rabbi’s Daughter, which she brought to the Edinburgh Fringe the following year also with her comedy show, Synagogue Slut. This musical went onto an international tour and sold out performances in London. Part of the tour, was the extremely special North Devon Fringe, a fantastic little festival with horizon-widening shows. Material from all three Fringe Shows significantly featured in Emily’s application to the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, which brought her to New York and to Find the Golden Bird creative team. She hopes the New York Fringe will continue Emily’s creative relationship with Fringe International and consider Golden Bird for it’s 2015 program.